Body Maintenance




imageFreida Mills (LMBT #9918),C.M.M.P.

Freida graduated from Natural Touch School of Massage Therapy in Greensboro, N.C. in 2010. In her words: "I do more of the deep tissue restructure work of the body. I believe the best way to relax and enjoy life is to release the body from all of the knots and tense muscles that are holding it back. Life today is very stressful and if the posture of the body is not focused on, the muscles tend to shorten and cause tremendous pain. I work to lengthen the muscles and relieve the tension but do it at your level so as not to tense the muscles even more.  In what I do, mixing the deep work with the swedish, it works the muscle, and then relaxes it , giving you relief, not just for an hour on my table, but for days afterward."  Freida provides Deep Tissue and Deep Swedish Massage for relaxation.